Choose Your EPIC Adventure!

What do you need?


I need space somewhat often!
I live in the area!
I thrive in a supportive community!
I want office space without so much overhead!
I’m looking for shared workspace!


I need space for a day or short time period!
I’m not in the area too often!
I’m not ready for a membership commitment right now!
I want a place with a good wifi and coffee!
I need a place that’s convenient and has parking!

Why be a Member?

Membership is the best & most affordable way to use our spaces 3x a month or more. If you want the benefits of working in our Business Hub AND you want to be able to book private office space for meetings, workshops, interviews, etc., Membership is probably right for you! 

ALL Memberships include:
All utilities
Coffee & Tea
Use of our Main Street address
Discounted membership to the New Paltz Regional Chamber Commerce (
NP Chamber reserves the right to change/cancel this policy at any time)
Ability to use EPICurrency* as barter between other members or for EPIC Coaching
Eligibility to work with OEP Interns
Use of the Business Hub for Tier 3 or higher.

*If you do not use all of you allotted points in a given month, they will roll-over for up to 3 months.  If you go over your allotted points in a given month, you will simply be charged for the points you went over at the rate of your tier…due during next month’s billing cycle.

1-year commitment required (6 month option also available)


Non-Member Rates are also available.

*Additional Options

Prices above are for a 1 year commitment. We also have 6 month commitments available at a slightly higher rate.

What’s a point & why do I want them??


Points are the currency of One EPIC Place.

Every month, you buy a set number of points and you can use those points to book private space, for personalized Business Coaching, to barter with other Members for services (i.e. massage, cooking lessons, financial planning, etc.), and to use the Business Hub.


You can use your points however you want!

This way, if you use more than your allotted number of points, you’re only paying for POINT overages, instead of TIME overages.

Just Visiting EPIC
Anyone can be EPIC by using our space as a Visitor!

ALL Visitor Bookings include:
Use of our facility
Coffee & Tea
Convenient location
Off-street parking
Affordable rates broken down into 5-minute intervals

Access to our printer/scanner
Use of our shared kitchen
Tables & chairs available for your use

Whether you’re planning a party, or you need space to conduct a business meeting, workshop, or training, we’ve got space for you!

Points Menu

( On a per hour rate )

 Accessible options available

Office Spaces

(10 points/hour for Members)

The Green Room

Zen Room

DaVinci Room

Sunshine Room

Event Spaces

Prices vary


15 points

(Non-Member Rate $22/hour)

The EPIC Room

30-40 points

(Non-Member rate $48/hour)

Outdoor Spaces

Points vary

(Non-Member Rates available)

The Studio

15 points

(Non-Member Rate $20/hour)

EPIC Coaching Packages available. Read more
Interested? Contact us to speak further or arrange a tour!