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Welcome to the Business in the Raw Podcast

You are here       at Business in the Raw with Nicole & Julie, where nothing is off the table.


On this podcast we discuss the good, the bad, the ugly AND the fucking fabulous when it comes to running a business. 


We talk about the sh*t nobody ever wants to talk about but everybody needs to hear, or at least think about.


Hopefully we will learn some new things, get inspired, feel supported and maybe not feel so alone.


You will hear stories, anecdotes, inspiration, tools, tips, and more, from us as well as the incredible guests on the show. 

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Meet Nicole + Julie,
your nothing-is-off-limits podcast hosts.

Our podcast brings the same nature that we bring to our coaching; it's a 'no hold backs' approach to conversation.
Our questions are in the moment and sincere, with no topic that's too off-limits. So sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy!

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