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Creating your EPIC business map. 

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Are you ready to find your Inner Business Bliss and your version of SUCCESS?

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In our online programs, we focus on...

creating systems

developing policies and procedures

celebrating benchmarks

establishing steps toward your goals


Find out where you want to go

by getting clear on what you want your future to look like, in and out of business

In this program, we'll help you...


Identify what you truly want, how you want to get there, and what is actually needed for the journey.


Create the business map that is customized for your goals but also for how you want to get there. We all tick a little differently, so navigating the journey should also be customized to exactly what you need.


Approach this with curiosity, compassion, and creativity in forging your path.


Develop a willingness to be vulnerable with yourself, hard work and discipline, an open mind, and the desire to find your authentic way.

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With programs for individuals and groups


We'll map out the following principles in our programs

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you!​

  1. Personality test

  2. Human design

  3. Desire mapping

  4. Meditation

  5. Journaling 

  6. An EPIC questionnaire

Anchoral foundations

  1. Core Values

  2. Core Traits - You do you. Driven. ADHD. Intuitive. Contemplative. This is how you like to be communicated with and receive accountability. 

  3. Core Beliefs - not sure…same as values? Or your mantra, your one word. 

  4. Core Behaviors - hammock time, meditating, vision boarding, music (stay anchored and tethered to your ‘soul’)

  5. Purpose Statement (traveling essentials)?

  6. Three Uniques (ugh, but is this an anchor?) Distinguishing traits/characteristics

  7. Guarantee - Your Promise

Forging your own path

  1. Vision - My Path, My Destination, My Way, Your Map

  2. 10yr

  3. 3yr

  4. 1yr

  5. Issues List (rename) - Fires, sandtraps, obstacles, The Shit, Trip Hazard

  6. Rocks (think we should rename) - Objectives, Targets, Goals, Mile Marker

  7. Scorecard - Tracking Chart, Log Book, Progress Chart

  8. Weekly Meeting - The Beat, Weekly Huddle, Progress Meeting, Weekly Beat, Check Point

  9. Roles & Responsibilities

Get ready to grow in your life + business

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