Our Founders



Julie is a holistic business coach that helps people find their path in life. Although you will not see Julie with a drum and drumsticks in hand on a daily basis, she has her own positive beat of productivity. Julie is currently on the board for the New Paltz Regional Chamber of Commerce and The Arts Community.  She believes in supporting and helping business owners succeed at One Epic Place by helping them find their purpose and their own individual way of thriving in their business. Julie has an immense zest for life (that can actually be quite scary sometimes).  She is a mom of 3 boys, loves her hammock and lives to travel.  Nicole would best describe her partner in crime as “seriously badass”, wicked smart, and my rock.



Nicole is best described as the energizer bunny….

She keeps going, going, going. Although Nicole has traveled around the world, she is a Hudson Valley native.  She is a Wellness Warrior and helps support and empower others to foster a sustainable healthy and healing way to live their lives. She truly believes in supporting and helping business owners succeed at One Epic Place through community and wellness. She will call it like she sees it. She’s super passionate and giving.  She likes to travel, play poker, knit(never with a pattern), and cook(never with a recipe).  She homeschooled her 3 girls, spent 6 years in the Navy, traveled around the country in an RV for several years and doesn’t like conformity. Julie best describes her as spunky and would be the definition of an EPIC if there ever was one.  Nicole currently serves as the President of Board of Directors of the Arts Community and Chair of the WOW Committee of the New Paltz Chamber of Commerce.