The EPIC Team!

AKA the People who Make EPIC epic


Nicole Langlois: Ruler of the roost, woman with the bullhorn, cruise director, drill sergeant with big blue and green pompoms, and wearer of several hats!  Nicole is the Director of Member Relations and Chief Operations Officer. Her energy and fun spirit are inspiring, but don’t let her silliness lull you into a false sense of frivolity or she will kick you in the ass. Need to get something done? Have her by your side and it is sure to happen. She has no filter, really…none. Known to occasionally rock a unicorn horn and bust out laughing spontaneously. Tasks: Get shit done, create order, reach goals, make sure our members have everything they need, nurture community, cleans toilets on Fridays, keep perspective and dream big simultaneously, tries to keep Julie on task, holds people accountable.

Warning: Never let her drink coffee.


Julie Robbins: A woman on a mission with vision to spare. Quirky, known to go off on elaborate tangents. Omni-directional thinker (her husband’s term for her ADD) and driven by passion and purpose. She is our innovator, math savior, and tireless researcher. Julie is our Chief Visionary Officer and EPIC Diplomat. She is an EPIC business coach that helps our members realize their passions, purpose and helps them step into their vision. Tasks: dream, manifest, innovate, forge our path, expand our reach, use the calculator, educate, guide, pay the bills, cleans toilets on Tuesdays, write training material for workshops. 

Warning:  Known to chase butterflies.



Kristi Parnell : A butt kicker and a whip cracker…. with a smile and loving touch of course. Kristi keeps us on task, organized and operating like a well oiled machine.  She is constantly on the move and diligently keeping things running smoothly.  Her dedication and excitement is impressive….we definitely hit the jackpot!  Tasks: filing, booking, scheduling, task management and keep Nicole and Julie on point. Cleans toilets on Mondays.

Warning: when she says she can’t play “poker”, don’t believe her.




Jaz: Can be described with one word—HEART. Her superpower is making people happy, whether it’s through a short chat, a song or a smile. Her presence is her job. Heading the EPIC Coordinators and making sure things run smoothly. Gives Mr. Rogers a run for his money. Always sees things from fresh angles, with or without a camera in hand. Known for leaving her trace with flowers, leaves, and decorative branches. She has a way of capturing EPIC moments that are beautiful beyond words. Tasks: mood lifting, laugh bringing, bringer of floral and faunal flair, unforgettable nature posts. Cleans toilets on Thursdays. 

Warning:  If a good song is playing (especially Queen) stop what you are doing and join her.



Maria Jankiewicz: Mamma EPIC. Maria is like the fairy that comes in the middle of the night and makes everything sparkle. She supports and encourages Julie & Nicole every step of the way. She quietly spreads her love wherever she goes. She loves to clean (at least that’s what we keep telling ourselves) and decorate. The world is her nest, and she leaves everything more beautiful than how she found it. Tasks: beautifying, dust-busting, plant mom, founder mom, caregiving, organizing. Cleans toilets on Wednesdays. 

Warning:  If you hear her making “Ugh” sounds, stay out of her way, but if you hear her saying anything in Italian, just run.