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A new way of doing business for a new way of life.

Don’t try to go it Alone!

Deciding to start your own business or transition into a new field can be scary and overwhelming. One of the biggest mistakes new entrepreneurs make is trying to do it alone.

Design a Practice for your

Business to THRIVE. 

Julie and Nicole offer a holistic approach to business coaching because they believe that your business is an extension of you, not something separate.  Everyone is different and needs their own style, structure, and systems by which to run their business.

Taking into account who you are, your lifestyle, your strengths and challenges, your passions and your goals, Julie and Nicole help design a business practice that not only will help your business thrive but give you the quality of life you desire.

How to discover your Purpose. 

What is your unique gift, talent or purpose?  It is time to discover and un-leash your heart’s true desire, your Purpose if you will.  We will assist you in finding and pursuing your purpose in life.  To be able to embrace all of who you are and share your gifts and talents with the World, should you chose to.

Taking this step in your life, involves courage and determination.  We will assist and support you to make this process one of ease and fulfillment AND give you the tools to help you make your dream a sustainable reality.

Turning your Passion into

a LUCRATIVE Business. 

What if sharing your unique talents with the world means going into business? We will help you develop the skills, tools and resources – from practical business matters to self-care and sustainable practices for both you and your business – we will  help you every step of the way.

Just because you are a master chef, or create the most beautiful art, doesn’t mean you can turn that into a lucrative business by mastering a soufflé or painting the Mona Lisa. You also need to know how to run your business, out source smartly, market your product, sell it, track it….you need to be the painter AND the entrepreneur.

Getting it done!

Whether you are a new business owner or have owned your own business for years, we can coach you to have a successful and personally sustainable business.  We will help you create or re-create the systems, policies and practices that will make the difference in your business.  We will also help you prioritize your ideas, “to do’s” and goals so you can run your business, and not have it run you!

Mastermind Groups

The best of all worlds ~ business coaching, dynamic group interaction, affordable option and peer support!  Our groups run for a total of 12 weeks and include  six 1.5 hour group sessions, handouts & homework, email support and more.  If you think you may be interested, please fill out our EPIC Coaching Inquiry Form and we'll get in touch.

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