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community focused

From our humble beginning as two business/wellness coaches looking for space to conduct business, to now being a hub where a couple dozen local solopreneurs are growing their businesses and thriving, we’re proud to be a place that Empowers People and Inspires Change (EPIC).

One EPIC Place is an affordable, collaborative workspace, providing local businesses a flexible location and supportive community to grow their business or practice, no matter what stage of growth they are in.  We have shared workspaces, private offices and treatment rooms, workshop/conference rooms, a kitchen, studio, and a creative and fun atmosphere all under one roof offering flexible and endless opportunities for local entrepreneurs.

Shared workspaces have been on the rise in recent years, but we realized there was nothing quite like this in our local community. While we enjoy providing a place where businesses can grow and network, we pay special attention to helping a rich and diverse group of solopreneurs to thrive both personally and professionally in an empowering community so they don’t have to go it alone.

One EPIC Place is much more than just a space to rent or work occasionally. Our collaborative environment is overflowing with the resources, inspiration, and structure needed to be a successful entrepreneur. We support and guide our members, promote their businesses, offer sources for networking and growth, hold workshops and meetings for support, serve as accountability partners, provide the necessary tools they need for them and their businesses. We offer solopreneurs the infrastructure to grow their business and the ability to tap into the resources in their community.

Our mission and vision have grown substantially from our initial small location behind the New Paltz Chamber of Commerce office. Our purpose and place in this community is bigger than we knew. Our collective backgrounds, education and experiences, mixed with our strong desire to help others find and live their purpose and to grow community, are part of the foundation of One EPIC Place.

OEP members offer services such as nutritional and wellness coaching, massage, music lessons, art therapy, body and energy work, many healing modalities, cooking classes, meditation workshops, yoga, advocacy for children with special needs, qi gong, business coaching, tech therapy, marketing, public relations, web design, community events, and so much more.

Membership packages give access to members to book private rooms, hot desk spaces, workshop rooms, and the kitchen. Amenities include all utilities, wifi, coffee/tea, member rates for coaching with co-founders Julie and Nicole, use of our Main St. address, parking, and a discounted membership to the New Paltz Regional Chamber Commerce.

Our Founders



Julie is a holistic business coach that helps people find their path in life. Although you will not see Julie with a drum and drumsticks in hand on a daily basis, she has her own positive beat of productivity. Julie is currently on the board for the New Paltz Regional Chamber of Commerce and The Arts Community.  She believes in supporting and helping business owners succeed at One Epic Place by helping them find their purpose and their own individual way of thriving in their business. Julie has an immense zest for life (that can actually be quite scary sometimes).  She is a mom of 3 boys, loves her hammock and lives to travel.  Nicole would best describe her partner in crime as “seriously badass”, wicked smart, and my rock.

Our Aim
  • To provide a professional and warm environment with all the amenities our members need.

  • Give a personalized experience to each of our members.

  • Encourage a collaborative environment where members can share talents, support, and inspire each other and still maintain the autonomy of their own business.  

  • Establish a built in network of resources and community.

  • Be a place where work and identity co-exist.



Nicole is best described as the energizer bunny….

She keeps going, going, going. Although Nicole has traveled around the world, she is a Hudson Valley native.  She is a Wellness Warrior and helps support and empower others to foster a sustainable healthy and healing way to live their lives. She truly believes in supporting and helping business owners succeed at One Epic Place through community and wellness. She will call it like she sees it. She’s super passionate and giving.  She likes to travel, play poker, knit(never with a pattern), and cook(never with a recipe).  She homeschooled her 3 girls, spent 6 years in the Navy, traveled around the country in an RV for several years and doesn’t like conformity. Julie best describes her as spunky and would be the definition of an EPIC if there ever was one.  Nicole currently serves as the President of Board of Directors of the Arts Community and Chair of the WOW Committee of the New Paltz Chamber of Commerce. 



To foster a community

where local entrepreneurs

can work, play and thrive.

The better we each do,

the better we all do.


Empowering People Inspiring Change

We believe in the power of you

finding your purpose

so you can share it

with the world.


Designed Freedom



Raw Communication

Grit & Balls


The EPIC Team



A butt kicker and a whip cracker…. with a smile and loving touch of course. Kristi keeps us on task, organized and operating like a well oiled machine.  She is constantly on the move and diligently keeping things running smoothly.  Her dedication and excitement is impressive….we definitely hit the jackpot!  Tasks: filing, booking, scheduling, task management and keep Nicole and Julie on point. Cleans toilets on Mondays.

Warning: when she says she can’t play “poker”,

don’t believe her.



Can be described with one word—HEART. Her superpower is making people happy, whether it’s through a short chat, a song or a smile. Her presence is her job. Heading the EPIC Coordinators and making sure things run smoothly. Gives Mr. Rogers a run for his money. Always sees things from fresh angles, with or without a camera in hand. Known for leaving her trace with flowers, leaves, and decorative branches. She has a way of capturing EPIC moments that are beautiful beyond words. Tasks: mood lifting, laugh bringing, bringer of floral and faunal flair, unforgettable nature posts. Cleans toilets on Thursdays. 


Warning:  If a good song is playing (especially Queen)

stop what you are doing and join her.



Mamma EPIC. Maria is like the fairy that comes in the middle of the night and makes everything sparkle. She supports and encourages Julie & Nicole every step of the way. She quietly spreads her love wherever she goes. She loves to clean (at least that’s what we keep telling ourselves) and decorate. The world is her nest, and she leaves everything more beautiful than how she found it. Tasks: beautifying, dust-busting, plant mom, founder mom, caregiving, organizing. Cleans toilets on Wednesdays. 


Warning:  If you hear her making “Ugh” sounds,

stay out of her way, but if you hear her saying

anything in Italian, just run.

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