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Need a Virtual Office?

 You Can Have a Professional Mailing Address
& Mail Pickup

Flexibility  Professionalism  Efficiency

There are many reasons why remote companies may require a virtual office with an address. In fact, depending on the type of business, mail services may be an operational necessity.

Virtual mailboxes empower business owners to maintain a professional appearance, receive only the mail that they need – any unwanted mail can quickly and securely be disposed of. This helps businesses to reduce clutter and stay focused on what counts: growing their business by working as effectively as possible.

Who is this a good fit for?

  • Solo professionals, entrepreneurs, and the self employed

  • Small-medium size businesses and startups

  • Establishing a company presence in multiple cities

  • Remote Workers

  • Satellite Offices



54 N Chestnut St.

Suite #1 EPIC

New Paltz, NY

Mail Boxes
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