What Is EPIC Brainery?

From late September 2018 through May 2019, EPIC Brainery will be a place to learn, feel empowered by your community, and get the structure you need so you can take real action in your business.

  • Weekly Workshops with Incredible Speakers
  • Action Plans for Implementation
  • Coaching Circles

The Real Struggles of a Small Business owner:
Am I going to screw up?
I’m responsible…for.EVERYTHING.
Am I ever going to make money?
Will someone sue me or slander me on social media?
Will I have to get a real job?
How do I (fill in the blank)_______?!
How do I know what to prioritize?
How do I still have a life?

How do we talk about these fears that we are afraid to say out loud let alone to anyone else? How do we talk about this stuff? This stuff that is causing daily suffering, anxiety and fear that is probably getting in the way or our growth…

What do you do when you promote an event and no one shows…
When you buy inventory that sits on the shelf…

After years of coaching business owners, running workshops and working with so many of you that have similar fears, questions, struggles and needs… we wanted to develop a program that would be REAL, RAW and EFFECTIVE.

Components of The EPIC Brainery

  1. Education: The Brainery brings together over 25 professionals that will offer their expertise, experiences and wisdom.
  2. Action:  After every class or workshop, there will be a call to action. You won’t just be learning valuable information to help you, you will also be implementing the things that you learned.
  3. Support and Accountability:  Every month there will be Coaching Circles specifically designed to help you take all the information and tasks you are given and put them into actionable steps and attainable goals.  We will offer each other support, opportunity for brainstorming, reflection and potential collaborations that can help keep you accountable and take you even further in your business.

Why become a member of the Brainery?

Becoming a member will give you access to all 8 Coaching Circles, access to the online support group, discounted class fees and first preference, and discounts to Brainery retreats.