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About Us

Julie Robbins, Co-founder and CFO
Nicole Langlois, Co-founder and CEO

Julie Robbins, Co-founder and CFO

Julie has owned several businesses in varying fields, and is passionate about Holistic Business Coaching and helping local business owners succeed.

Even from South Carolina, Julie still keeps our books in order and the big ideas coming, while advocating for the New Paltz Community as a member of the Town Gown.


Julie is a mom of 3 boys, loves her hammock, and lives to travel.

Nicole Langlois, Co-founder and CEO

Nicole homeschooled her 3 girls, spent 6 years in the Navy, traveled around the country in an RV for several years, and doesn’t like conformity.

She keeps our EPIC Community engaged and rarin' to go, and is always down for a cup of tea,

so stop by! 

(but please don't give her coffee)

Nicole likes to travel, hike, play poker, knit (never with a pattern), and cook (never with a recipe).

One Epic Place

One EPIC Place is an affordable, collaborative workspace, providing local businesses a flexible location  and supportive community in which to grow their businesses/practices, no matter where they are in their growth cycle. We work with fledgling and established businesses, and we relish the opportunity to nurture a newly hatched idea and help see it to fruition.  


We offer shared workspaces, private offices, treatment rooms, workshop/conference rooms, a kitchen, studio, and a creative and engaging atmosphere all under one roof, providing flexible and endless opportunities for local entrepreneurs.

Our mission and vision have grown substantially from our initial small (and solo) location behind the former New Paltz Chamber of Commerce office.

Our purpose and place in this community is bigger than we anticipated, and we couldn't be happier! Our collective backgrounds, education, and experiences, paired with our strong desires to grow community and help people find and live their purposes, are what make up the foundation of One EPIC Place.

Coworking Space
Office Space for Rent Hudson Valley

One EPIC Place is much more than just a rental space in which to work. Our collaborative environment is overflowing with the resources, inspiration, and structure needed to be a successful entrepreneur. We support and guide our members, promote their businesses, offer sources for networking and growth, hold workshops and meetings, serve as accountability partners, and provide the necessary tools to empower them and their businesses. We offer solopreneurs the infrastructure to grow their business and the ability to tap into the resources in their community.

EPIC Members offer a wide range of services such as nutritional and wellness coaching, massage, music lessons, art therapy, body and energy work, many healing modalities,  cooking classes, meditation workshops, yoga, advocacy for children with special needs, qi gong, business coaching, tech therapy, marketing, public relations, web design, community events, and so much more.

Meeting Room
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