Memberships & Pricing


We offer a variety of options to suit your business needs!

Hot Desk Plans

A comfortable shared space to work along side other professionals.

EPIC Coaching

We help you uplevel your business & your quality of life so you can thrive, not just survive.

Point Menu

Unique & easy-to-use point system. Check out the menu!
Membership Packages
  1. Allow you to book the use of private rooms, shared space, workshop rooms, event space and kitchen.
  2. Include: all utilities, wifi, coffee/tea, use of Main Street address, parking, and discounted membership to the New Paltz Regional Chamber Commerce* (NP Chamber reserves the right to change/cancel this policy at any time.)
  3. Permit you to use EPICurrency as barter between other members.
  4. Eligibility to work with OEP Interns:  Members must submit a specific project request for approval to work with an intern.
  5. The ability to use points towards a dollar value of $125/hr for EPIC Coaching.
  6. Use of the Business Hub for up to 2 hrs/day free.

*If you do not use all of you allotted points in a given month, they will roll-over for up to 3 months.  If you go over your allotted points in a given month, you will simply be charged for the points you went over at the rate of your tier…due during next month’s billing cycle.

6 month or 1 year committment required

Non-Member Rates also available.

Business Hub Packages

Half Day
Full Day

Join a shared workspace that includes

– free wi-fi,

– coffee/tea,

– printer/office supplies,

– a supportive and collaborative community

Hot Desk space is available Monday – Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm (plus extended hours most evenings).

Warm, creative space where manifesting and networking are sure to happen! Cristin Ann Roe

EPIC Coaching Packages

30 Minute Consultation

$25 Per Half Hour

Meeting to go over our coaching program, identify your goals, establish working relationship, make sure that we’re a good fit for each other.

One Time Coaching Session

$125 Per Hour

A one time session to work on a specific goal or check in for established clients. Includes coaching, follow-up, accountability and limited email/phone support.

6 Week EPIC Coaching

$588 ($98 Per Session)

Weekly 1 hour coaching sessions, email support, goal setting, custom business plan of action. Includes all of the perks of a one time session on a weekly basis.

12 Week EPIC Coaching

$1140 ($95 Per Session)

Weekly 1 hour coaching sessions, email support, goal setting, custom business plan of action. May include: Developing a killer title, hothook, signature systems, target market, email templates, marketing plan, goal setting, customizing your plan of action…

*This can be paid in dollars or equivalent POINTS.
Points Menu
( On a per hour rate )

*handi-cap accessible options available

Private Offices

10 points

(Non-Member Rate $18/hour)

Treatment Rooms

10 points

(Non-Member Rate $18/hour)


15 points

(Non-Member Rate $22/hour)


30 – 45 points

(Non-Member Rate $35 – $50/hour)

Workshop Spaces (No Food)

30 points

(Non-Member Rate $48/hour)

Event Spaces (With Food)

40 points

(Non-Member Rate $58/hour)



15 points

(Non-Member Rate $22/hour)

Hot Desk Space (Business Hub)

2 . 5 points

(Non-Member Packages Available)

Outdoor Spaces

Points vary

(Non-Member Rates available)

Interested? Contact us to speak further or arrange a tour!