In addition to having a beautiful co-working space we also offer three different types of EPIC Coaching. 

Check if one is right for you.


 What is your unique gift, talent or purpose?  It is time to discover and un-leash your heart’s true desire, your Purpose if you will.  This coaching is intended to assist you in finding and pursuing your purpose in life.  To be able to embrace all of who you are and share your gifts and talents with the World, should you chose to.  Taking this step in your life, involves courage and determination.  We will assist and support you to make this process one of ease and fulfillment.


What if sharing your unique talents with the world means going into business? We will help you develop the skills, tools and resources – from practical business matters to self-care and sustainable practices for both you and your business – this coaching is designed to help you every step of the way.



Whether you are a new business owner or have owned your own business for years, we can coach you to have a successful and personally sustainable business.  We will help you create or re-create the systems, policies and practices that will make the difference in your business.  We will also help you prioritize your ideas, “to do’s” and goals so you can run your business, not have it run you!

To schedule a complimentary discovery or strategy session,

please contact us at or 845-232-0402.